Venice departure

VENICE, one of the most complex, surprising and living cities in my opinion.
What I mean with this is that Venice is ALIVE in itself. It is a city with a face, a living body.
VENICE is for me like a newborn - filled with power and strength to embrace life to come - ready to go!
We met VENICE celebrating, showing its achievements and decay with elegance and exhuberance.
We explored VENICE's secrets, shaded by darkness and mysterious fogs of experience.
We walked through VENICE, not trying to hide it's scars and wrinkles of time, lining the visible facades along the canals but making them part of the now.
We got to know maturing VENICE that needs to put energy in the invisible, under the surface, to continue a good life and to adapt to the now.
A visit to VENICE, after 20 years holds still the magic and excitement of a second date with a new LOVE!
And every departure is carried with the hope to come back one day.

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