A rational image that invites analytic brains to rest, that is how I would categorize this photo.

Symmetry, repetition, exclusively straight lines and the simple color scheme are easy to read and to understand for our brain. They calm our brain. We understand what we see. But do we really? Beyond the first glimpse? Do we know what happens between the dark wall on the left and the bright higher space straight ahead? Where does the STAIRCASE lead to?
This is where our right side, the intuitive comes into the game to look for answers. It pushes further.

STAIRCASES are charged with symbolism, mythological meaning and are of course an important esthetic element in architecture. Stairs are widely thought to represent both personal & professional development, overcoming obstacles in your life or in some cases a sense of futility and lack of direction.
If one ascends the stairs that journey is probably positive, hopeful, or purposeful.

The view in STAIRCASES is a view up the stairs. Open for you to follow it and your interpretation.

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