I mog di, Munich

"I mog di" means I love you in Bavarian dialect. This is what alll these hearts try to say one way or the other. These ginger bread hearts are the most famous souvenir to be brought back home from the legendary beer festival of Munich.
The Oktoberfest, that starts generally in September and unfortunately annulled in 2020 due to Covid-19. 24 times since this time was the Oktoberfest annuled since 1810. Several years due to war times and also because of Cholera.

The first Oktoberfest held on the Theresienwiese, Theresa's meadow as the big square is called (not a meadow anymore), was held in 1810 at the occasion of the wedding of crown prince Luitpold and princess Theresa.
At this time the celebrations were held in form of a horse race. But not festivity in Bavaria lasts long without the traditional beverage - Beer! The nectar that was earliest cultivated by monks in the numerous abbeys in and around Munich. Still today many of the abbeys have charming beer gardens attached to them. In the last years the Oktoberfest counts around 6 Million visitors in the two weeks that it is held. They drink around 7.5 Million Mass of Beer (the famous 1l mug).
Check out the FB post of Nomads View to see more pictures of me in beer tent and with my favourite Oktoberfest dish.

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