CIRCLES, Marrakech

"CIRCLES" immediately opens up to the viewer. The strong contrast in colors and the different materials are the entrance to the image. It is catchy and vivid and one could just stop here and enjoy it for the decorative, rather abstract aspect.

On the second view the motive is more complex. The roughness of the bright wall invites to let the eye wander and to discover a shaded opening in the wall, scratches, patches of color fallen off, traces of life, life of the city - time.
The orange, different sized plastic tubes are rolled and hang on the wall in circles.The endless shape, the circle, is cut by choice. This brings a new form of energy in the image.

Where are we? We could be in a shop warehouse, a private home, on the market, in a court yard in Marrakech ...

Without having to answer this question, "CIRCLES" is a positive distraction and a pleasure to stop for a moment and linger.

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