AS A TOUR GUIDE OFF DUTY I went on a virtual evening tour/stroll with my friends and guide colleagues Nina Seffusatti​ and Sarah Murdoch​ through my chosen home Avignon.
Maybe you joined us LIVE or otherwise just follow the post you find on my FBpage to come with us now. We end with a lovely Aperitif at a friends gallery at one of the most charming squares after discovering the Popes Palace and the atmosphere of a Friday evening in Summer 2020.

As this year brings not work to us guides I am happy to be able to share the beauty of our city with my photography. I prepared small format (7.8" x 6" 15€) photographs that I mostly took during our virtual tour.

Leaving the main square with the town hall on we came by the lively area around the Carroussel and restaurant terraces.
Check out the tour to learn more about this subject.

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