Strolling the food markets in Morocco, one always arrives at the fish market.

SARDINES represent more than half of the Moroccan fish catch. Have you ever tried Moroccan fried stuffed sardines or Moroccan sardine balls in spicy tomato sauce ? Don't miss out of it in one of the »hole in the wall » restaurants on the daily market in Tangier or anywhere else in Morocco.

SARDINES catches attention with it's intensity and realism of the fish. The fish's eyes seem to look and the mouths almost appear to speak to us. Don't ask me what? Any idea?

The repeating uniformity and the diversity in the micro-details are catching and create an interaction with the viewer. The absence of background dissolves the scene out of reality and creates an almost abstract universe, without space or time.

Oh, do you have to eat the head and the tail of a SARDINE?
No you don't!
But you can!!!

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