Pantheon ceiling, Rome (Cyano blue print)

The Pantheon, a Roman temple dedicated to all gods. It is undoubtedly one of the grandest construction in the world.
No visit in Rome should pass without being surrounded by these walls, by walking on the colored marble slaps decorating the floor and by stepping underneath this impressive concrete ceiling.
No stop in Rome should go by without admiring the sky through the sky light window, which is the only light source of the building.
And the sun will wander on the ceiling like in a sundial.

In my opinion no picture can give absolute justice to the grandeur of this building. This is why I chose to show you a detail that opens up to heaven.
"PANTEHON" is an invitation to hold on to the grandeur of the building close to you and to keep your memories of your visit or your motivation for your visit alive at home.

The Cyanotype printing process relies on the light sensitivity of iron salts, creating blue-tinted images. It was developed by John Herschel in the mid 19th century and became famous for being used for large scale engineering plans (hence 'blue-print').


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